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Love the Chimichurri! I ate it with Thanksgiving leftovers and was amazing and addicting! Can’t wait to serve with bread and crackers at the next get together.
Leah Taamu
Love love love the habanero chimichurri! It’s so flavorful with a slow burn. Super addictive. Best I’ve ever tried! Once you try it you’ll keep coming back for more!!!
Wendie Landon-Murphy
We love it! Our favorite flavor is red pepper. We almost finished the whole bag of Costco size chips because we couldn't stop dipping into the chimichurri. It even makes Costco frozen fish taste like a gourmet meal. My wife is garlic intolerant but she just won't stop eating it!
Justin Shiu
Our family LOVES all of the flavors!!! It has turned into one of our favorite condiments from marinating steak and chicken , to dipping bread, crackers, and veggies into. The Habanaro was gone in a day!!Love it!!!!
Amy Moore Teoli
The best Chimichurri ever! I tried with chicken, salmon, pork, red meet and of course with bread. The price is great and your meals taste fantastic with it!!
Cristina Salcedo
Great taste, fresh ingredients! I've had the original J&M's Chimichurri on tri tip, & I've served it as a dip with crackers to guests! Everyone loved it! I truly believe it is so versatile, you could just about serve it with anything! Chicken, grilled fish, pasta! More bang for your buck$. A definite must for your pantry!
Jill Cederquist Hames
I love J&M Chimichurri.Great taste, fresh ingredients.I do recommend this product.
Rodolfo Furtado
Delicious! Love the flavors and usually buy three jars at a time. Never disappoints!
Tim Crawford
I highly recommend this delicious Chimichuri. I bought the red pepper and the habanero..... my family and I LOVED IT!!! Great natural taste. �
Diana Amezcua
El J&M chimichurri, es un excelente producto,.Su sabor y su textura es inigualable. Se puede usar para dar sabor a toda clase de carnes, chorizo, inclusive a mi me facina comerlo sobre una rodaja de pan.Lo recomiendo. Deberían probarlo, no se van a arrepentir.
Rafael Furtado
Ana Laura Furtado
I love the J&M's Original Chimichurri. I was brought into this Argentine specialty marinade by luck. This family recipe is so tasty, I love it on everything.
Carol Trevor
My favorite has always been the J&M's Red Pepper Chimi!! I can eat it on bread all day!!
Veronica Andrea Anania